title. run

date. 2016/2017

theatre. vault/jw3/bunker

awards. off-west end theatre awards

best production - nominated

best male (tom ross williams) - nominated

I fall.
And run. 
I fall. 
With such sheer force that I hurtle through space…

RUN opened at the Vault Festival in February 2016. The play transferred to JW3 before completing a run at the Bunker Theatre in March/April 2017.

It’s the last day of term and Yonni’s pissed off. He just wants to get away from Mum, away from Shabbat and head up to his room. That’s where Adam is. The only person Yonni wants to be around, think about, be about…

And as the night unfolds and falls into chaos – some of it real, and some of it not so – Yonni pulls us into his world… A world filled with school riots, first loves, beached whales, political demonstrations, cinema, sex and rebellion.


Reviews & Coverage


Run captivates from the opening line until the last breath. Laughton is a superb writer… Run is a triumph…a one actmasterpiece.
Run will touch your heart. The language of the writing is beautifully crafted making great use of the modern day vernacular and transforming it into wonderful lyrical poet moments…
An interstellar achievement…
Run is a wonderfully inspiring story… heart-breaking at times, it really is out of this world.
If there’s a tension between sexuality and faith, Laughton’s drama doesn’t depend on bringing that clash to a head. Run’s not a ‘God or Guys’ play. It’s more complex: an examination of inter-sectional identities.
As Yonni, Ross-Williams commands Laughton’s rich dialogue… Punchy and relatable lines from Laughton reminds us of those moments we’ve all shared.
Run offers an awe-inspiring look into the soul. Explosive and very imaginative, the power of a well written and structured monologue makes for good theatre and Run is a perfect example…. Stunning.
This is a piece with a deep contemporary resonance… bold and unapologetic. And with rising homophobia and anti-Semitism considered, it’s also a frankly necessary take on what love means in the 21st century.
★★★★ – REV STAN
Stephen Laughton has a keen eye not just for domestic detail but also how first love feels for Yonni something which is reflected in the mixture of vernacular and poetic imagery in the script. It’s a lovely, simple piece of theatre that is both funny and moving
Ross-Williams deftly introduces us to the physical, lyrical, time-bending, space shifting nature of Run…. a tight glimpse into a world I don’t understand. It’s a world of Shabbat, kippahs, the mêlée of faith and sexuality, but Laughton makes the story so accessible and human that it all feels very familiar.
★★★★ – LGBTQ Arts Review (Interview with me here)
Laughton’s writing is intricately beautiful as we are flown through the solar system, to a family kitchen, then to a deserted beach to rescue a whale…
Highly recommended – Exeunt Magazine (Doesn’t star rate)
It’s artful, honest and deeply romantic, whilst still being devastatingly in its meditations on modern anti-Semitism. Put simply, it’s vital viewing, and so is whatever its creative team does next. Highly recommended.


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Full Cast & Crew

RUN opened at the VAULT Festival in February 2016 with the following cast and crew:


YONNI – Tom Ross-Williams

Director –  by Oli Rose
Writer – Stephen Laughton
Producer –  Lauren Brown

Lighting Designer – Peter Harrison
Composer – Helen Sartory
Stage Manager – Heather Christie

RUN started its 2017 spring tour as part of the GayW3 Festival at JW3 on 08 March 2017, with the following cast and crew:


YONNI Tom Ross-Williams

Director – Lucy Wray
Production/Stage – Manager Lil Davis
Sound and Music Design – Anna Clock
Additional Composition – Helen Sartory
Production Designer – Lee Gould
Lighting Designer – Lucy Hansom
Lighting Assistants – Kieron Johnson//Sherry Coenen

Press and Publicity – Paul Bloomfield//iN BLOOM