title. RWD//FWD

date. 2016

company. fully foccussed

award. charity film awards (long form) – win
drum content award – nominated

Sometimes in life you need to go back, in order to move forward.

RWD//FWD was commissioned by the Good Agency for the Restorative Justice Council.

We all make mistakes. But what if you could go back to make things better? When love is involved – an argument between two old friends can escalate quickly, with painful consequences…

Full Cast & Crew

Alex – Percelle Ascott
Charlie – Mandip Gill
Jay – Joivan Wade

Director – Teddy Nygh
Writer – Stephen Laughton
Producer – Nick Bedu
Music – Wayne Roberts
Cinematography – Bani Mendy
Film Editing – Oliver Parker

Production Company: Fully Foccussed in association with the GOOD Agency and the Restorative Justice Council.