title. a homogeneous universe of constant mass and growing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extragalactic nebulae

date. 24 mar 2020

time. 3.30pm

theatre. amnh//linder theater

rsvp. slaughton@amnh.org

It takes roughly, a tenth of a second to react. For your eye to obtain an image, your brain to work it out and your body to respond.

A hundred milliseconds. It feels like nothing.

So, you’re in a club, and you’re struggling, and the really hot guy you’ve been chatting with leans in to kiss you, and you’ve got a tenth of a second to react. To reciprocate or…?

And he’s got a hundred milliseconds to react to your reaction.

And you ask yourself whether either of you can ever really know what’s going on, if you’re both constantly working in the past… But in the present.

Because it’s just too short. It feels like nothing.


In the tenth of a second after the Big Bang, physics emerged, and the universe shot through four separate epochs… Planck, Grand Unification, Inflationary and Quark. Past, present, and future smashed together. Nothing happened, everything happened, everything cooled, everything expanded.


Then physics coalesced…


So, as Adam and Jimmy share the most explosive first kiss of their lives - in that club, after a really messed up night, as ten seconds plays out over and over and over again - their past, present and future collide… because this kiss - much like the big bang… redefines physics itself – altering the very nature of time. 


And in that short perpetual moment, Adam remembers an entire future together….


There will be a reading of the play, following R&D at 3.30pm on 24th March 2020. RSVP for details.