title. unknown white male

date. 2006

company. filmfour

awards. grierson film award – win
academy award – nominated
british independent film Aaward – nominated
chicago international film festival gold hugo – nominated
dga award – nominated
sundance film festival grand jury prize for world cinema – nominated

How much of our past lives, the thousands of moments we experience, helps to make us who we are?

If you took all of these remembrances, these memories, away, what would be left? 

Unknown White Male premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It won a Grierson Film Award and was nominated for a British Independent Film Award, a Directors Guild of America award, the Gold Hugo and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize. It was also shortlisted for an Academy Award. It was theatrically released by Wellspring and  Court TV in the USA and  Shooting People and Channel 4 in the UK – opening at the London Film Festival at the BFI Southbank.

The true story of Doug Bruce who woke up on Coney Island with total amnesia. This film follows Doug as he rediscovers himself and the world around him.

Sometime between 8pm on July 1st and 7am on July 3rd, 2003, Doug Bruce lost himself. That morning, riding alone on a New York subway headed towards Coney Island, he could not remember his name, where he worked, who his friends were, how much money he had in his bank account. He was without his identity. Unknown White Male is the true story of how Bruce, a successful former stockbroker, struggles to learn who he was and who he will become. The documentary, produced, directed and edited by Bruce's longtime friend, Rupert Murray, chronicles this profound journey. 

Full Cast & Crew

Cast – Doug Bruce
Narrator – Rupert Murray

Director – Rupert Murray
Producer – Beadie Finzi
Associate Producer – Stephen Laughton
Executive Producer – Jess Search
Written by Rupert Murray and Stephen Laughton

Executive Producer: Wellspring – Vanessa Arteaga
Executive Producer: Wellspring – Marie Therese Guirgis
Executive Producer: Wellspring – Ryan Werner
Executive Producer: Court TV – Robyn Hutt

Cinematographer  – Lance Bangs//Orlando Stuart
Music – Mukul